Fame Tutors -Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q1.How does it work?

As soon as you register as a tutor on Fame Tutors, you will be able to view a list of a great numbers of students, some of whom you may be ardent to teach. Read the tutees ´requirements, if you accept the offer to tutor a student, it will take a couple of days to let you know whether you have been selected as that student's tutor. If so, you will receive each other's contact details so that you can arrange a first lesson with him/her.

Q2.How can I find and contact a suitable Tutor?

Follow the registration process which is quick and easy. Log in to the Fame Tutors Then search for a tutor, inputting your requirements in to the search field. Once you have identified potential tutors, contact as many as you like in order to discuss your requirements further.

Q3.What is the difference between Fame Tutors and other Tutoring Agencies?

There are plenty of other tutor agencies which are charging a lot of tuition fee, registration fee and commissions. We don´t charge anything, it is totally free for both tutors and tutees.

Q4.Who uses Fame Tutors?

Our service is available for all

Q5.Do Fame Tutors hire or employ Tutors?

No, all our tutors are self-employed.

Q6.How much does it cost to put my advertisement with Fame Tutor?

It´s totally free or it is free of charge.

Q7.What are the minimum requirements to be a tutor with Fame Tutors?

Fame Tutors require that all of our tutors should either hold a degree, currently (be) undertaking a degree, or have vast teaching/tutoring experience in the relevant subject to be taught. Additionally, our tutors must be 18 or over.

Q8.Is it compulsory to have teaching experience in order to apply?

No, it is not prerequisite to be a part of Fame Tutors but Teaching experience will be encouraged.

Q9.Where do lessons take place?

It depends on the convenience of both tutors and tutees if the student is 18 or over. In case of any student under 16, we strongly recommend you should take class at student´s home in his/her parents´ presence. On the other hand, tuition may be arranged where you are both in agreement.

Q10.What if I am not able to tutor now; shall still I be in contact list of Fame Tutors for future classes?

Of course, Tutors can be registered with us without any fixed period of time even if they are unable to teach right now.

Q11.How will I be paid?

Normally students or their parents pay tutors directly at the end of each lesson. In some cases, students may prefer to pay at the end of each month with a mutual agreement.

Q12.Can I also work for other agencies while working with Fame Tutors?

Absolutely you can, we don't enforce any kind of restriction. All that we ask is that you're well aware that you represent Fame Tutors when tutoring our students, so you should always follow our teaching guidelines, and adhere to your Tutoring Agreement. Moreover, we believe that you will play a vital role in promoting our good name.

Q13.Can I place my advertisement to find a tutor/teacher if I run an academy or educational institute?

Yes, you can promote your advertisement but in such case you will be required to pay intro-fee which is 19$ per month .

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